04 marzo 2013

¿Un Papa capuchino para el siglo XXI?

¿El cardenal de Boston, Mass., Sean O'Malley, capuchino?. Lo que más me gusta es que presidió en Granada, en la base de Armilla, la beatificación de fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire, en septiembre de 2010. O'Malley (que sabe español) lo contaba así, en su blog: 

I first came to know of Fray Leopoldo through Sister Manuela, a Carmelite sister of Vedruna who worked with me for many years in Washington. She is from southern Spain, near Granada. She said her family had a great devotion to him and she talked about pilgrimages to Fray Leopoldo’s tomb.Interestingly enough, the next person to discuss Fray Leopoldo with me was the wife of Jose Saramago. Jose was at UMass-Dartmouth after he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Portugese literature and I was invited to have lunch with him there. His wife is from Granada, and has great devotion to Fray Leopoldo. They are expecting a huge celebration because of his 50 years of going door-to-door in the city and being so close to many families. He was certainly a figure very well known and beloved to the people of Granada. In fact, one of our priests in the archdiocese is actually from Fray Leopoldo’s very parish, Father Israel Rodriguez. He hopes to accompany me and be present at the beatification as well.I will be very pleased to see the Archbishop of Granada, Francisco Javier Martinez, who is a very dear friend of mine. I know him from his time studying in Washington. Archbishop Martinez, who is very close to the Communion and Liberation movement, has been very active in interfaith outreach to the Muslims who are now very numerous in that part of Spain.


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